As an independent in the waste management industry, we have provided personalized service and accountability for over 40 years.


Servicing over 40k clients, our goal is to provide the best customer service by applying our years of experience to our client’s advantage.

Our answering service allows us to be accessible 24hrs a day, which allows us to respond to those unexpected emergencies. We apply all guidelines for environmental protection to residential and commercial customers. OFS Solid Waste Services, Inc. strives to achieve customer satisfaction in the Solid Waste Disposal Industry with the quality of service we provide to our customers.

Gilbert Guerra
Gilbert GuerraPresident
Irene Guerra
Irene GuerraVice President
Rita Coziar
Rita CoziarCustomer Service Manager/Community Liaison
Customer Service Specialists


To provide exemplary customer service we have focussed on Product Awareness, Attitude, Efficiency and Problem-Solving.

  • Product/Service Awareness- Providing information about our products and services so that customers can make an informed decision based on their needs.
  • Attitude- Attitude is everything, so greeting our customers with a smile or friendly hello is key to our business.

  • Efficiency- Ensuring that services are provided in a timely manner and customers receive a prompt response to inquiries.
  • Problem-Solving- When needed we think outside of the box to ensure that problems are resolved in a timely manner.



OFS is one of the best trash services in my area, everyone in office is considerate of the issues each customer has and does all they can to help. I love the service here.
Bjork Percy

I give em a 5 star…… cause there isn’t a 10 . Good job here in the Highlands.

Dean Meadows
We have been using this service for going on 3 years now, great service. Never had a bad experience. If you miss your payment date they have picked up trash at least one more time until payment is made. Reflects positively for me personally. Good rates.
Sherry Dutt

Always picks my trash up on time and puts my cans back neatly Mrs.Rita is the best to talk to on the phone also! So sweet and understanding!

Julia Osburn
One of the best companies I have had service with. Customer service is excellent. The ladies in the office are always greeting in a proper manner, and doing their best to answer all questions. The guys picking up trash are very hard workers who do not get enough credit. The the gentlemen driving and behind the truck, thank you for all of your service. Keep up the Excellent work!
Stephanie Ortega
I receive exceptional service from OFS, as do my neighbors. If our regularly scheduled date falls on a holiday, they pick up the following day. The only time my trash was not picked up was my fault as I was overdue on the bill and didn’t realize it. I called to make a payment (instead of mailing in one) and they even offered to send a unit out to pick up our trash that afternoon. Overall, they are much better than the competition that is available in my area.
Steven Harris

We have used this service for the past several years. They have always been friendly and courteous on the phone. The guys on the truck have always picked up our trash and never missed a day. This company is better than the one I have used previously. I have only positive things to say about these guys who work so hard picking up my trash.

Tami Bell



Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.